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FUNNIP™ Display Bin
24 pc - Display Bin, 1.83 lb

12 – Display Bins/Case = 480 pc/master case


Funnip™ Candy Display bins attract attention and can be placed in multiple orientations. Order refills of multiple types for a colorful mix!
*Please Order in Multiples of 12 displays/ master case*

Short Name:                           Funnip™ Display Bins - Case
Piece/Product UPC:              181130000372
Display Bin ITF:                     10181130000393
Master Case ITF:                   20181130000376
MSRP:                                     $2.40
MAP:                                       $2.40
Each Price:                             $1.14
Display Bin Price:                   $1.14 x 24 = $27.36
Master Case Price:                 $18.00 x 12 units = $216


Display Bin Specifications:


  • ~1.83 lbs filled with 24 pieces.
  • Clear PET, Reusable and Recyclable, FDA approved.
  • 5" W x 7" H, 129 oz.
  • Stands on side for angled opening or on bottom for top opening.
  • Comes with standard snap-on lid.

Master Case Dimensions:                   16 in. x 16 in. x 16 in.
Net Weight:                             ~21 lb/case
GROSS WEIGHT:                    ~22 lb/case

Shelf Life at STP:                     1 yr.



Pawbreakers® Funnip™ is premium quality, finely ground gourmet quality catnip with NO STICKS! Purrfect for stuffing your favorite toy, or for a treat. 14 grams of finely ground, fresh, North American Grown all-natural catnip that's safe for everyday use.


Catnip does not expire/go bad if it is stored in a cool dry place. It will just slowly dry out over time. You can invigorate the catnip oils by rubbing it in between your fingers. Catnip is the freshest within the first 6 months after purchase.


Pawbreakers® Funnip™ Benefits:


  • "Fine Grind" kitten safe (no sticks) format...great for cats of ALL ages!
  • 100% human medical grade catnip

  • Manufactured in the US with all North American ingredients

  • Established in 2003

  • Please note that some cats don't react to catnip before they are 6 months old.


Make Funnip™ part of your furry family’s playtime!

Wholesale FUNNIP™ - 24 pc Display Bin - 10181130000393

SKU: 10181130000393
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