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Cats Love Catnip

Let's dive into the magical world of Pawbreakers! Starting in 2003, we imagined your purrbabies munching with joy as they play with our all-natural catnip balls. A purrfect blend of fun and wellness, Pawbreakers are here to bring endless entertainment to your furry friends. Get ready to witness the sheer delight on their whiskered faces!

Our goal is to unleash the playful spirit within your pet with medical grade catnip at the core of these toys. So you're not just giving them a treat, but an experience filled with paw-someness.


Your feline companions deserve the best and Pawbreakers is here to make that happen! Join us in the adventure of fun and catnip delight. Let Pawbreakers be the go-to toy that keeps your purrbabies entertained and happy. After all, your furry friends deserve nothing but the utmost purr-fection!

We strongly believe in supporting the American worker and economy. All raw materials are chosen to best benefit the health and enjoyment of pets, and thus all of our products and materials come from and are made in North America.

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