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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why buy your cat Pawbreakers®? I can just get catnip in my backyard.
    #1 - Our catnip is sourced from North America and we pick the best quality we can find. All of our raw materials are human medical grade. #2 - All natural products, so safe, even our owner is willing to take a bite! (See our videos) #3 - Made in America! Sold worldwide.
  • Why Give Your Cat Catnip?
    #1 Stimulate Playfullness - it can encourage euphoria and playfulness in cats. It is a great tool for encouraging exercise and mental stimulation. #2 Environmental Enrichment - it makes their environment better by providing sensory enrichment. #3 Stress Reduction - for some cats, catnip can be calming. This in turn helps alleviate stress and anxiety. If your cat gets geared up, this will also help with stress reduction by encouraging play and exercise. #4 Training Aid - use as a positive reinforcement tool for training. #5 Sensory Stimulation - Stimulates scent related skills which can be enjoyable for cats. #6 Interactive Play - Encourages interactive play and mental engagement, helping to prevent boredom. #7 Temporary Loss of Interest - While catnip can initially excite and stimulate cats, its effects are usually short-lived. After a few minutes, the cat may lose interest, and the reaction won’t occur again until some time has passed. Just remember! Sensitivity doesn't usually occur before 6 months, and is believed to be hereditary. Not all cats are affected by catnip. Effects can last 10 - 20 minutes, after which a cat may become temporarily immune to its effects for a period of time. Moderation is the key to avoid habituation!
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