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Pawbreakers® Vitanip® is the combination of Diamond V® feline nutritional supplement and gourmet quality catnip. Give your pet 14 grams of catnip with vitamins, safe for everyday use. Vitamins and fun all in one!


Diamond V® full line of natural and science-based postbiotic additives are produced from a proprietary fermentation process, and are developed, refined, and supported by ongoing research. Their natural immune support products help optimize animal health, performance, and digestive function. Post biotics work naturally with the biology of the animal.


Catnip does not expire/go bad if it is stored in a cool dry place. It will just slowly dry out over time. You can invigorate the catnip oils by rubbing it in between your fingers. Catnip is the freshest within the first 6 months after purchase.


Pawbreakers® Vitanip® Benefits:


  • "Fine Grind" kitten safe (no sticks) format...great for cats of ALL ages!
  • 100% human medical grade catnip

  • Manufactured in the US with all North American ingredients

  • Established in 2003

  • Please note that some cats don't react to catnip before they are 6 months old.


Make Pawbreakers® part of your family’s playtime with Vitanip® catnip with extra zip!


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