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Megabonkas™ Refill
6 pc – Refill Pack, 1.55 lb

32 - Half Dozen Refill Packs = 192 pc/master case


Our Megabonkas™ refill Packs are made to grab and grow, and toss in your wholesale order!
*Please Order in Multiples of 32 refills/case*

Short Name:                          MegaBonkas™ Refill - Case
Piece/Product UPC:              181130000051
Inner Pack ITF:                       10181130000058
Master Case ITF:                    20181130000055
MSRP:                                     $6.25
MAP:                                       $5.99
Each Price:                              $1.83
Inner Price:                             $1.83 x 6 = $10.98
Master Case Price:                 $10.98 x 32 inner packs = $351.36

Case Dimensions:                  14 in. x 14 in. x 14 in.
Net Weight:                            ~48.5 lb/case
GROSS WEIGHT:                    ~49.5 lb/case

Shelf Life STP:                         1-2 yr

*Order by the pallet for further discounts*

44 L x 44 W x 62H pallet can hold a maximum of 36 cases
= 6912 pieces.
Gross Weight ~ 1795 lb/pallet

44 L x 44 W x 34H pallet minimum of 18 cases
= 3456 pieces.
Gross Weight ~ 915 lb/pallet





Cats go crazy for this all-natural medical grade catnip treat.  It is safe for cats to play with and eat.


Pawbreakers® are a multi award-winning catnip toy and treat for a healthy, happy cat. Megabonkas™ were specifically designed and tested (size, shape and weight) for a more relaxed experience and big fun. They outlast even the most crazed catnip hunter for days to weeks of exciting play, exercise and fun.


One Megabonkas™ locks in more than 3 oz. (95g) of gourmet aromatic catnip sealed into a 2.25-inch (5.7 cm) diameter catnip toy your pet will love. Every time Pawbreakers® Megabonkas™ are scratched and chewed on they release aroma sealed deep in every delicious bite; almost as fresh as the day it was made.


While Megabonkas™ may seem hard they are in fact soft, easily chewable, digestible and safe on your pets’ teeth.


Pawbreakers® Benefits:

  • Established 2003

  • Manufactured in the US with all North American ingredients

  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives

  • 100% human medical grade edible catnip

  • Wheat, soy, corn and gluten free

  • Free of pesticides

  • Vegan

  • Hypo-allergenic

  • Easily digestible

  • Shelf-life of over one year

  • Safe for teeth

  • Veterinarian approved


Catnip without the mess, and they're always FRESH.  Please indulge your cats every 6-8 weeks for maximum benefit and enjoyment!


Make Pawbreakers® part of your family’s playtime and watch your cat have BIG fun with Megabonkas™!

Megabonkas™ - 6 Pc Refill - 10181130000058 - D1

SKU: 10181130000058
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