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THE catnip candy for BIG cats! - Clawbreakers are a unique,
all-natural solid ball of top quality North American grown catnip.

A tasty toy your LARGE feline will love to chase, lick, and eat! Perfect for Lions, Tigers, Cougars, Cheetah's and more! Watch the excitement as your BIG cat tears into a Clawbreakers!


Clawbreakers™ Small (4 Lb)

Ideal for servals, bobcats and all medium wildcats.
Huge size for most housecats or your horde.


Clawbreakers™ Large (14 Lb)

The Largest Catnip ball in the WORLD???
Can also serve as a mountain of catnip love for a horde of housecats and Zoo animals such as Lions, Tigers and Bears..oh my!


SKU: 181130000730
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